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Mountain View School Foundation STEM lab Project

The Mountain View School Foundation ( MVSF)  is working closely with the faculty and the administration in developing an innovative STEM lab at Mountain View School (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to support an exciting hands-on engineering and science curriculum. . Our total fundraising goal for this project is $100,000. This will be an ongoing project to be completed in stages as funds are received.  See below for a project update as of November 2016.

        What is the STEM Project?

This is a quote from the STEM Task Force Report

“STEM education includes four specific disciplines—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.” “STEM teaches and trains students to engage in critical thinking, inquiry, problem solving, collaboration, and what is often referred to in engineering as design thinking. These stand out as skills that all students, workers, and Californians will need to be successful in college, career, and life. To ensure that the nation and, more specifically, California, continue to fill the demand for technically skilled workers and innovators in all fields of work, California must embrace STEM teaching and assessment practices, curriculum, and policies that expand STEM opportunities for all California students.”

“Through problem/project-based learning situations, students weave together and communicate their understanding of STEM concepts. Concepts that were once taught in isolation become tangible and relevant to their daily lives. Integrated approaches to K-12 STEM education in the context of real-world issues can enhance motivation for learning and improve student interest, achievement, and persistence.”

This is a quote from the National Governors Association (NGA)

“Regardless of the path they choose after high school graduation, all K-12 students can benefit from the rigorous and relevant STEM education.”



What are the Details?


Property Improvement materials $15,000
Plumbing, sinks, cabinetry, and flooring with labor to be provided, by the District
Furniture $25,000
Free-standing cabinets, tables and chairs for 32 stations
Equipment, Materials, Technology $60,000
3D printer, robots, robotics programs and software, computer coding,software, SMART board, digital microscopes, video system, Makerspace,materials, etc.
Total $100,000



We are pleased to report that $100,000 has been raised for the STEM Lab project. This includes donations made directly to the school for the STEM lab including a  $20,000 anonymous donation,  $5,000 of lab robots/materials donated by the Mountain View School PTA, $15,000 in materials and labor from GUSD,and a $7,325 grant from QAD. The MVS Foundation raised $52,675 from individual donations and grants towards the STEM Lab project to date.


UCSB’s Community Volunteer Foundation approved MVSF’s request for a $3,000 grant to purchase “Magiscopes” and a “Blue Bot Hive” for the Lab. This equipment was purchased in early 2016


The Foundation’s grants funded the materials and supplies used by the district to build the lab, the purchase of sinks and cabinets, as well as the purchase of 3-D printers and other materials for the lab.

We are optimistic about funding teacher training in the integration of STEM into the curriculum and continuing to equip the lab with educational tools to facilitate an exciting hands-on engineering and science curriculum that will best prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Mountain View School STEM Lab and more

Mountain View School STEM Lab


This will be an ongoing project for the Foundation as STEM is integrated into the classrooms and Mountain View School continues to create new resources and opportunities for the children of our community now and for years to come.