Cumulative Donations Since Foundation Inception (Including General and Endowment) Exceed $155,000 

General Giving

Mike and Nancy Schley
Roy and Ida Eagle Foundation
Rudi Schulte Family Foundation

Cindy and Dan Cattaneo
Karen and Paul Menzel
Karen Lynne and John Greathouse
Mark and Cathy Moseley
Marlys and Ronald Boehm
Stevens and Associates(Sandra and Gerald Stevens)
Angel and Bill Sugleris
Robert and Julie Wood
Precision Auto Body(John and Martha Peterson)
The Bank of Santa Barbara
Union Bank of Santa Barbara
Sue and Randy Douglas
Paul and ViVi Tziouvaras
Suzanne Sumerlin Duca
Suzanne Sumerlin Duca in honor of Kelly Flint
Mission Audio/Video (Janka Family)
Laura and Jim Ciontea
CJ and Timothy Miller
UCSB Community Volunteer Foundation
Bulent Ezal
Rabobank N.A.
Judy and Craig Jennings

Steven Glikbarg
Regina Magid
Fritz and Tom Pinney
Patti and Mark Duell
Mr and Mrs Rossol
Boone Graphics
Dean and Jane Johnston
Ann and Richard Hammond
Marilyn and Larry Hansen
Dr. Thomas and Jo Ellen Watson
Tom and Kim Modugno
Sharon and George Bifano


Sheri and Sam Shrout
David Wexler
Jim and Helga Wachholz
Bruce and Rita Bailey
Jill and Corey Anderson
Michael Casey
Robert and Julie Zaratzian
Anne and Randall Howard
Gale and Richard Morrison
Kristen Kovacs
Suzanne and Tim Hayes
Mimi Applegate Elder and John Elder
Ned and Alexandra Schoenwetter
Steven K. Ridgeway
Elizabeth and Peter Hasler
Laurel Cleary
Tom and Judi Brooks
Caryn and Judge Ralph Hofer
Jay and Deborah James
Dennis and Patricia Forster
Dr. Mark and Susana Da Re
Lisa and Ronan Vance
Chris and Ken Pursell
Evelyn Sullivan
Doreen and James Farr
Dorothy Chun and Joseph Polchinski
Lillian Rossol
Janet and Harvey Wolf
Karen and Daniel Ribbens
Linda and Steven Hicks
Allyson and Richard Spann
Maureen and Terry Janeway
Michael and Carol Fay
Sharon P. Keiger and Libe Washburn
William and Alice MacDonald
Andy Holland Construction & Evacuation
Randal and Eden Jasiorkowski
Jeff A Overeen
Mark Schneidman
Howard and Jane Giles
Kausha and Tharanganie Mohottige
Blackboud Giving Fund
Betty and Stephen Ferry
Julie and Jeff Harris
Joel Delamora
Marcia Graham
Daniel and Jan McGuire
Donald and Elizabeth Smith
Tammy Dobrotin
Santa Barbara Orthopedic Associates-Romero Anthony MD
William Tolar
Ruth and Ronald Dexter
Mountain Spring Water (Coleen Lanier)
Diana Ciontea and Anthony Catalano
Ian Moss Guthrie
Mary Schley
Bernard and Mary Brennan
Randall Roberts

Under $100

Chaloner Schley
Judy and Richard Hug
Andrew and Ivana Firestone
Dale and Dean McCaskey
Linda and Donald Rose
Monica Ciontea
Rick and Marsha Johnson
Craig and Fran Granet
Joseph and Diane Morin
Leslie and Christopher Voss
Randall and Susanne Roberts
Mr and Mrs Schinnerer
Stephen Barrett and Judith Stewart
David Tilton
James and Mary Gilmour
Naftaly and Lynette Glasman
Lisa Wilcox and Beldon Burch
Nancy and Lawrence Harter
Richard and Terri Fawcell
David and Carolee Krieger
James Tolar
Karen Loomis
Erica Aly
Lauren McCaskey
Judith and Steven Milam
Carlos Tolar

Endowed Giving
$10,000 or More

Nancy and Mike Schley

Thank you to all our donors! Want to see your name  on this list? Donate now!If your name is on this list and you would like it removed for any reason, simply contact us and let us know.