Past Project- Creation of STEAM Lab


The Mountain View School Foundation  worked closely with the faculty and the administration in developing an innovative STEAM lab at Mountain View School (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, Math) to support an exciting hands-on engineering, science and art curriculum.



A total of $100,000 was raised to make the STEAM Lab project a reality. Funding  included donations made directly to the school for the STEAM lab including a $20,000 anonymous donation; $5,000 of lab robots/materials donated by the Mountain View School PTA; $15,000 in materials and labor from GUSD; and a $7,325 grant from QAD. The Mountain View School Foundation raised $52,675 from individual donations and grants towards the STEAM Lab project.


UCSB’s Community Volunteer Foundation approved Mountain View School Foundation’s request for a $3,000 grant to purchase “Magiscopes” and a “Blue Bot Hive” for the Lab. This equipment was purchased in early 2016.


Mountain View School Foundation’s grants funded the materials and supplies used by the district to build the lab, the purchase of sinks and cabinets, as well as the purchase of 3-D printers and other materials for the lab.

We are optimistic about funding teacher training in the integration of STEAM into the curriculum and continuing to equip the lab with educational tools to facilitate an exciting hands-on engineering and science curriculum that will best prepare our students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

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