What is the purpose of the Foundation? 

The Foundation’s sole purpose is to support public education at Mountain View School.  We hope it might also become a model for other public schools looking to raise support from their community.

Is MVS Foundation an independent charity?

Yes, Mountain View School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity. The federal Employer ID number is 46-2559614.  The Foundation was incorporated March 5, 2013 and has a board of directors that operate independent of, but with input from, the Goleta Union School District and Mountain View Elementary School.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, the Foundation is eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable donations from individuals, business entities, estates and private foundations, to the extent permitted by law.

Why aren’t the parents supporting the School?

Mountain View parents already give to the extent of their ability, providing annual support to the School in an amount of approximately $200,000 through the PTA and to the School’s Magic Campaign.

Why is the Foundation seeking money for a public school? 

The government funding for Mountain View School does not cover many programs and expenses necessary to sustain excellent education at Mountain View School.  The PTA and Magic Campaign raise money for special programs, supplies and specialists that were once part of the state budget.

The Foundation’s board identifies specific unfunded needs and raises money from the community to help meet those needs.  The Foundation’s first project is to acquire and install lighting, a projection screen and other equipment that will augment performances and educational programs in the School’s multi-purpose room.

Is the Foundation efficient?

All of the professional services necessary to organize and maintain the Foundation are donated.  There are no paid staff or offices.  Most supplies and operating expenses are also donated in kind.  As a result, virtually all dollars donated to the Foundation go toward the support of children’s education at the School.

Does the Foundation engage in politics?

Public charities are prohibited by law from supporting candidates for office, and may not devote significant resources to legislative issues.  The Foundation has taken no stand on political candidates or issues.

 How can I support the Foundation’s work?

The Foundation seeks volunteers in a multitude of roles.

We also ask for your financial support.  You may conveniently donate at the donation page on our website.

We would also like to help friends of the School make a charitable gift as part of their estate plan.  We will respond to your inquiries submitted through this website, or you may contact any board member.

The Foundation has also started an endowment to help sustain future support at times of great need.  Your donation may be earmarked, in whole or in part, to the endowment by notifying us.