What is the MPR Project?  The MPR is the only large meeting space at the School.  It is in near constant use before, during and after school.  It serves as the School’s music room, for hosting cultural arts assemblies, drama productions, band practice, music recitals, and is the School’s lunchroom.  In addition, it houses after school enrichment programs and many community groups use the space in the evenings.  We believe drama and educational programs will be enhanced if we can install stage lighting (similar to lighting now in use at other local elementary schools).   We are raising money to purchase and install lighting, chairs and other equipment that will help the School use the MPR for student theatrical performances and other programs for the students and the School community.


What are the Details?  We have identified a local theater lighting design firm that will donate services for planning and procuring stage lighting, controls and related equipment for stage lighting.  The lighting equipment will be procured through competitive bidding.  A motorized projection screen is being generously donated by Mission Audio / Video.  The significant fundraising elements of the project, and their initial (estimated) budgets, are:


  • Lighting equipment:            $18,000 #FF0000 Raised $23,213 towards the $25,000 target.
  • Installation:                        $6,000
  • Miscellanous:                      $1,000


TOTAL                                $25,000